terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2009

November Newsletter

"Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap. "
"Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let not your hands be idle, for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will do equally well." Ecclesiastes 11:4,6

Dear Friends and Brethren in Christ: Grace and peace in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Hope you're all in good health, we are all well. Like the passage above says we are here planting the word of God, believing that we will see the rewards of our hard work. Work at the prison has been a blessing. Many young people have accepted Christ as their Saviour at the Friday service at the PIC (Criminal Investigation Police). Also the prison of Cabeca de Velho where several inmates converted and have been in discipleship and God has really used them. Some have even preached at the service. For us that is truly a gratifying. As well as the services in prison we have been doing some activities like sewing, mechanics, welding, and carpentry but the truth is that everything is running with some difficulty for lack of financial resources so we're doing the best we can we what we have. We recently made a bread oven and hope to get money to buy the ingredients to start making bread.
On Saturdays afternoon we are working with the youth of our church and it has been a very good time, where we have taught them the Word. We have now started rehearsing a Christmas play. The youth is very excited because this will be their first play. We also have Sunday schools and it's been good seeing how the church is growing in God's Word.
Twice a week we are helping at the project Kukula Pabozi, with the orphan children. We've taught them songs and Bible stories and we have also been teaching them about personal hygiene. This week we cut and washed their hair and bandaged their head wounds. It's so amazing to see that God has been blessing our work in every way.
I was a little sad because this month I was unable to teach any seminary because our car broke. I'm not sure if the problem is in the motor or in turbocharged direct injection but I have taken the car to different mechanics and they haven't been able to figure out what is the problem. Other than this everything has been going great and that is all thanks to you, because you believed in us and have been contributing for this ministry to keep moving forward. Thank you so very much for your trust and love.

Prayer requests:


sexta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2009

Working with Children and Youth

This month Rosaria did some work with orphaned children of the Centro Aberto Mensageiros de Deus and helped in the project Kukula Pabozi-a social project that works with needy children, and we cut the children's hair and taught about personal hygiene. Rosaria is also doing a play with the youth of the church. It has been a blessing.

Researching music for the play

Centro Aberto Mensageiros de Deus

Projeto Kukula Pabozi

Cutting the children's hair and telling them about personal hygiene

Recent work

Work we have done recently. We did a seminar for young adults in the church that was a blessing. Also we made a trip to Marromeu where we held a seminar.

September Newsletter

My apologies for the late September newsletter in English.

Greetings in Christ,

Brothers, I hereby share with you about our ministries for the month of September. God has blessed our work at church with general activities and also with the bible study for the youth on Saturday afternoons. It has been a very good time learning the Word of God. Also the services in prison have been happening every week and it's a blessing and God has done great things among the inmates. Continue praying for us with the various activities in prison like as carpentry, sewing, welding, and now the bread oven. We've had all these activities but with a lot of difficulty due to lack of funding. Please pray that God open doors financially so we can continue to do the work with the inmates.
Also like to share with you about our last seminar for leaders that was help in a town called Marromeu in the Sofala province about 510km fro the city of Chimoio, where we live. It was an amazing time, we ministered to a group of pastors and leaders of 5 different locations. There was a leader that travelled a distance of 400kms to participate, this to us was very rewarding and shows the willingness of the people to learn the Word. But at the same time we came across situations that really shocked us. Some of the pastors and leaders had no Bible, this just reinforces how far we still have to get these leaders well prepared and in addition to receiving the training be able to own a Bible. I want to start a campaign to buy 1,000 Bibles to help the leaders and you can help us.
At this seminary we also worked with the women and children. Rosaria taught the women how to use cassava to prepare bread and cakes. For us it was a precious and blessed time. Please pray for these leaders in Marromeu, Chindi, Morumbala, Caia and Luabo; places that desperately need God. We will return to Marromeu for the inauguration of the church we're helping build where the seminar was held.

I ask for prayer regarding our finances, since we arrived in Mozambique back in June our salary from Brazil has been very fickle and this has caused some inconvenience in the mission field.

Prayer Motives:
- For our health
- For God's protection
- For our finance
- For our work in the mission field
- For our car that has been giving us problems
- For our daughters in university, miracles and provisions of God in their lives


quarta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2009

Working with Cassava and Cane Sugar

This week we were invited to participate in the course that teaches you to work with sugar cane and cassava. We taught the national to use recipes with sugar cane and cassava to help their diet. This course is being taught in a town 60km from the town of Chimoio called Vanduzi. A project done by MIAF and Pronasce.

July Newsletter 2009

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Ps. 46:1

Greetings in the Lord. It has been two months since we arrived from Brazil and things are finally settling down. Regarding work, we have started services at the local prisons on Saturday mornings and it has been a blessing. We have seen God working tremendously in every service, many inmates have testified what God has done in their lives. We began two bible classes on Saturday afternoons and two on Sunday afternoons. The students are very excited about this and for being in a prison is great blessing. We have also begun work in our local church and last month we were able to start Sunday school involving the whole church. This for us is a great victory.

Future projects:

We are praying to start a Bible school to train pastor and leaders here in our house, we did this a few years and now want to start again. I have also began teaching at a local bible school but some leaders have asked me to teach other courses and so we'll begin doing so.
We have a big piece of land here in Chimoio and have been thinking about starting a project with children from communities. But we need to build an infrastructure because there is nothing there. We want to start telling children stories and playing games and sports.
We were also invited by the Prevention Against Drugs cabinet to develop some actions together with the teens from the province. But for that we need to create good educational materials and audio visual.
Starting in August we will begin our trips to the districts giving seminars and promoting lectures to pastors and leaders. We also want to use these opportunities to show the film "The Life of Jesus", to the communities. We have a missionary friend that has the sound and visual devices and will let us borrow.

Keep praying for us, for our children and our projects. For God to give us clear direction over all things.


Wanderley & Rosaria

sábado, 8 de agosto de 2009

June Newsletter 2009

Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again. Ec. 11:1

Grace and peace of the Lord. I hope you're all in good health as are we.
Time really goes by fast, it has been a month since we returned to Mozambique. Things are going back to normal after very tumultuous few days. We arrived in Mozambique fine after a scarce. We left Brazil at the same time that the Air France 447 plane that fell into the sea. We passed through terrible turbulence but we praise God nothing happened. When we arrived in Mozambique our luggage had stayed behind in South Africa but we got them back a few days later. When we got home we stayed two weeks without a fridge because we had to replace its motor. One part of the car's alternator broke and we haven't been able to replace it yet. Our computer also burnt its motherboard and we haven't found another to replace it. We know that this the attack from evil trying to discourage us but our God is victorious.
Moving on, our first service at the prison had a big spiritual move and after the preaching we made an appeal and 42 inmates received Christ as their Lord Saviour. It was gratifying to see so many inmates coming to Christ.
This year we have great challenges ahead, we will start giving seminaries and conferences in some provinces and districts. We will also help a government program against drugs giving lectures to teens in the schools and communities. Rosaria will also start her work with children in schools. Please we really need your prayers in this new stage of our lives.

I would take this opportunity, to thank each of you friends and brothers, for helping us with our ministry. Only God can give back everything you have given us, all your prayers, contribution and encouragement making possible this project that is in the Heart of God. I can only say from the bottom of our hearts, Thank you.

Prayer requests:

- For direction and protection from God
- New strategies for work
- For our daughters
- For the new challenges to be faced
- For our funds that are not yet complete.


Wanderley & Rosaria

domingo, 8 de fevereiro de 2009

Work in Mozambique

This is the video we have been showing at a few churches in Brazil. Just to show a little bit of our work in Mozambique.

*Sorry the writings are in Portuguese.

sexta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2009

Newsletter January 2009

Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again. Ecclesiastes 11:1

Greetings. I'm writing this newsletter to inform you that we've been in Brazil since October. We have been visiting a few churches and telling them about our ministry and what the Lord has done through our lives. We have also talked about the necessities that we have in the field and how hard it is to continue in the field when you do not have a solid support. Since April of 2008 we have been without any financial help and decided to come to Brazil to try and raise our support. Unfortunately we do not have sufficient funds to go back to Mozambique but we believe that God will raise churches that hear His cry for missions. Thank you for all your support and prayers for us and our ministry. May you continue with us through this journey and may you continue helping us in prayer. We count on your support.

Prayer requests:

- God's protection in our lives
- For our ministry
- Financial support for our daughters, Thaisa and Dayene's, university
- For God to open employment opportunities for Thaisa
- Personal finances
- Finances for our ministry
- God's direction concerning our future in Africa