quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2008

Services in Cabeca do Velho Prison

We have had worship services in this prison since 2001 and we have a team of counsellors that have contributed in many areas like worship services, counselling, bible studies, etc. There's a school in the prison that was reconstructed by NHPM and the prisoners can now be alphabetized. We also have a carpentry school to train the prisoners. In the worship services we have about 250 prisoners present and many have accepted Christ as their Saviour. There's already a good number of baptized in our prison church.

Pr Madeira preaching at the prison church

Orphan children performing for the prisoners

An AIDS victim in prison

Clothes to be donated to prison

A moment of appeal

Pr Samuel delivering a wheel chair

Rosaria teaching embroidery to the women in prison

Singing hymns

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