quinta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2008

Continuing Bible study!

Bible study class of 2008,
7 of these men will graduate the 3yr course.

Me in the classroom

Teaching the word

12 students in class

Continuing class

domingo, 3 de agosto de 2008

Trip to Ile in Zambezia

In July, I was invited to go on a trip with a team from Brazil that came to visit various missionary work in Mozambique. Some of the team members were part of Pronasce and others were field candidates.

Ile is a community located in the Zambezia Province about 750kms from Chimoio. We visited this community where we stayed for 1 week, ministering the word of God, and it was a great time for the team as well as for the community. All the team members were able to minister and testify. We also learned a lot from the simple life in the community and their culture. This trip was one of the most life changing for me. Below are some pictures of our time in Ile.

A little snack break because no one is made of iron

Waiting for 4hrs to cross the Zambezi river

Welcomed by the locals at 10pm with singing and dancing

Sleeping in tents

Sunday fellowship

Meeting with the local leaders by a fire

Distributing clothes to the local people

Distributing clothes

Photo with the leaders after the seminer ended

Local transportation (river full of crocodiles)

Beatiful sunset in Ile

Time of ministering

Having our meal, chima (local food) with meat curry

Teaching local leaders from different churches

Ministering about christian leadership

quarta-feira, 2 de julho de 2008

Newsletter - June 2008

Dear brothers and friends,

Jesus Christ is alive!

Believe in possibilities. Don't shut your heart. Don't live in your shadow's darkness. Don't stop believing in the stars just because the clouds have covered the heavens. "The Lord has helped us all the way". God is faithful.
Rosaria and I are good, Bless the Lord. Our daughters are also well. The Lord has prospered our work and ministry. Sometimes we may feel tired or discouraged but we keep our hopes alive in the Lord, that has strenghtened us. We know that despite the difficulties He is in control of our lives. Now more than ever we need your support to continue with the ministry God has given us. Our ministry is being threathened and during all these years that we have been in Mozambique we have always been able to count on the support of some churches and friends that has helped us on the field. We also received help from JAM, an African organization, but now we no longer have JAM's financial support to keep us here, and little by little some of the churches and friends that supported us have also stopped. We are praying to our mighty Lord because if He does not awaken churches and people to help contribute to our ministry, unfortunately, we will have to interrupt our long and successful journey. We need to count on people like you, that have your heart on the Lord's ministry, so our ministry does not die.

Continue being our companion in prayer, don't abandon us, we will always count on your support, that is so important.

Prayer requests:

1- For God's protection
2- God's direction in our lives and ministry
3- For Dayene's health (she's got malaria)
4- For Thaisa that is in the USA, for God to direct and protect her
5- For our personal support
6- For our ministry support
7- Financial support for Dayene's college

Wanderley & family

sexta-feira, 20 de junho de 2008

Teaching the Word of God

During the 13yrs we've been in Mozambique we have dedicated our time to biblical studies, leadership training and bible school teachers. We have taught in theology biblical seminars, and churches.

Training children teachers

Students from various churches

First class to graduate the 3yr seminar

Graduation dinner

Leadership training

Brothers from various churches

quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2008

Evangelizing Children

Two missionaries, Rosaria and Simone, worked with some schools in Chimoio evangelizing children and teaching basic health care. They reached many children through this ministry. This was a door God opened for them along with the government to teach children at schools.

Moment of prayer

Personal hygiene: distributing tooth brushes

End of course

Showing their tooth brushes

Teaching the word of God

Social ministry

In 1999 we started working with a Christian NGO, Jesus Alive (now JAM) its base is in South Africa. Jesus Alive has been in Mozambique since 1985 supporting needy families and communities, with clothes and food. In time of floods they also donate clothes, medicine, canvas and tents for the homeless. This NGO works in 6 provinces of Mozambique and we have been in charge of Manica province for 9 years, distributing food in orphanages, hospitals, schools and the needy population.

Food distribution

Children receiving food

Unloading the food

School's toilet

Children eating

Distributing corn flour

Transport in the districts

Preparing school's lunch

Serving lunch at school

Children eating lunch

Rice warehouse in Guro district

Distributing food to children at school

Children going to school to get food

Children on queue to get food

Distributing food to the children

Assisting the local church

We have assisted a local church in Chimoio since 1998 and have been able to witness the church's growth. During this time God has done great things in the lives of our Mozambican brothers. We have also given many courses in church for children teachers, biblical studies, youth and leadership. We have worked with Igreja Evangelica Missionaria de Mocambique and it has been a blessing for us.

Name of our church

Church members gathered after Sunday service

Rosaria and Dayene at church

Rosaria preaching

Teaching the word of God

Wanderley preaching

Holy Communion

Preaching last Sunday 15/06/08