quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2008

Social ministry

In 1999 we started working with a Christian NGO, Jesus Alive (now JAM) its base is in South Africa. Jesus Alive has been in Mozambique since 1985 supporting needy families and communities, with clothes and food. In time of floods they also donate clothes, medicine, canvas and tents for the homeless. This NGO works in 6 provinces of Mozambique and we have been in charge of Manica province for 9 years, distributing food in orphanages, hospitals, schools and the needy population.

Food distribution

Children receiving food

Unloading the food

School's toilet

Children eating

Distributing corn flour

Transport in the districts

Preparing school's lunch

Serving lunch at school

Children eating lunch

Rice warehouse in Guro district

Distributing food to children at school

Children going to school to get food

Children on queue to get food

Distributing food to the children

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