quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2008

Trip to Marromeu

In May we gathered a few pastors and went to the district of Marromeu in Sofala province about 520km from Chimoio. We were there for 2 weeks to give seminars for local leaders and God poured out His blessings. We then travelled to a community called Luaue where the only way to get there is by boat or helicopter, we spent 3 days there teaching the word of God. Also with us were a medical and an educational group helping the population. There was also a registry officer with us to register all the children in that place. It was tremendous being there and be able to see God making a difference in peoples lives. This community exists for more or less 100yrs and there's only 2 churches and 1 primary school created by YWAM where children and adults are all in the same first grade class.

In front of church with the local leaders

On the way to Luaue

Mercy Air

Biblical studies with the women

Difficulties on the road

Our car after the trip

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