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JOBUS Project

JOBUS - Youth Pursuing Dreams, is a desire I have in my heart and I would like to share with you this dream.

We, as Christian Educators, in agreement with the directives of M.P.N.E, decided to implement “PROJECT JOBUS” as we consider the education and reintegration of children and youth into society as well as help develop Christian character, as indispensable.
We believe that through Christian education, we will be able to develop new and good habits that will shape their character, and supply the knowledge that they need.
In this way, we will be contributing to the adjustment of a youth into society and preparing him to be a useful citizen, happy and self-governed by divine and God fearing principles.

POPULATION TARGETED: This social and cultural project is aimed at needy children, teenagers and youth in the community aged between 5 and 26 years, who live in Chimoio, Mozambique and need an opportunity to change their life.

Our general objective is to offer the participants, an integrated vision for life:
*A manifest faith in the triune God evidenced by attitudes and correct behaviour;
*Strong family, society and church links;
* Food and help to those in need;
* To take care of their wellbeing, physically, emotionally and spiritually

*Testimony of the love of God, meeting the needs of others
*Promotion of the participants’ well being in the following areas:
-Spiritual area
-Physical area
-Social area

Jobus is a totally independent cultural project within MPNE, Ministerio Prisional Nova Esperança. This project was started on the 1st September 2009, in Chimoio.

Jobus objectives: To respect and fight for the dreams of the youth with actions and positive attitudes, so that they will be able to reach their dreams; to promote the implementation of training courses, arts, culture, leisure, sports, athletics, and entertainment for their well being and to fight HIV/AIDS.
Training on drugs, smoking, family planning, unwanted pregnancy, sex, hygiene, health, educational videos, among others.

Main activities: Drawing, plastic art, sowing & tailoring, educational radio, hairdressing, theatre, music classes, athletics, dance, music and video production, photography and sound studio, lectures, reading (library), internal news paper.

Expected results:
- More knowledge for teenagers and adults
- Reintegration of child, youth and adult in social life
- Enablement of these youth to live within the culture
- Occupation of time of youth to diminish practices such as:
- Addictive sex, child prostitution, abortion
- Theft, vices such as drinking and drugs
- Unwanted and early pregnancy
- Better motivation for life and income for the families registered in the activities

If you are interested in learning more or helping this project send us an email and we'll send you the full project outline.

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