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September Newsletter

My apologies for the late September newsletter in English.

Greetings in Christ,

Brothers, I hereby share with you about our ministries for the month of September. God has blessed our work at church with general activities and also with the bible study for the youth on Saturday afternoons. It has been a very good time learning the Word of God. Also the services in prison have been happening every week and it's a blessing and God has done great things among the inmates. Continue praying for us with the various activities in prison like as carpentry, sewing, welding, and now the bread oven. We've had all these activities but with a lot of difficulty due to lack of funding. Please pray that God open doors financially so we can continue to do the work with the inmates.
Also like to share with you about our last seminar for leaders that was help in a town called Marromeu in the Sofala province about 510km fro the city of Chimoio, where we live. It was an amazing time, we ministered to a group of pastors and leaders of 5 different locations. There was a leader that travelled a distance of 400kms to participate, this to us was very rewarding and shows the willingness of the people to learn the Word. But at the same time we came across situations that really shocked us. Some of the pastors and leaders had no Bible, this just reinforces how far we still have to get these leaders well prepared and in addition to receiving the training be able to own a Bible. I want to start a campaign to buy 1,000 Bibles to help the leaders and you can help us.
At this seminary we also worked with the women and children. Rosaria taught the women how to use cassava to prepare bread and cakes. For us it was a precious and blessed time. Please pray for these leaders in Marromeu, Chindi, Morumbala, Caia and Luabo; places that desperately need God. We will return to Marromeu for the inauguration of the church we're helping build where the seminar was held.

I ask for prayer regarding our finances, since we arrived in Mozambique back in June our salary from Brazil has been very fickle and this has caused some inconvenience in the mission field.

Prayer Motives:
- For our health
- For God's protection
- For our finance
- For our work in the mission field
- For our car that has been giving us problems
- For our daughters in university, miracles and provisions of God in their lives


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