quinta-feira, 18 de março de 2010

Working with Children

Beloved, I am putting some photos of the work we have been doing with children, and I want to explain about these pictures and what is the desire of our heart.

As you can see, the photos are of children in 3 small schools where we're doing some evangelistic activities.These small schools are the following: Project Kukula Pabozi, kids of Pr Madeira and a school that was built by Pr Madeira in the Prison Ministry's lot. We are helping these projects that work with orphans and needy because we believe that children are the future of this country, and mainly because the Lord Jesus loves them very much. But for us is very difficult to see how they do activities with the children in these centers, because even the few institutions that work with children in this country do not have any structure and are not qualified for such work. But most do because it is a great source for raising money. We were shocked at the way these children are treated in these centers. And we have prayed and felt very strongly in our hearts to make a center where we can get the kids and treat them with respect and affection, and not how they are treated in centers. Using suitably trained and qualified people to work with children. Today we are working with nearly 150 children in 3 centers but without any structure and we cannot change the way they teach because we have no freedom to change. And as we have a large area that belongs to Prison Ministry today is almost abandoned and full of weeds. So we are thinking of raising funds to build a machessa and 3 rooms with burnt bricks which is not very expensive, just something  simple that can be improved in the future and where we'll be better organized to do a good job with the kids and something that we have control. For this I'm trying some partnerships to get the funds to do these simple constructions that can be expanded in the future, and I want to use the same infrastructure to provide training for pastors and leaders and also train teachers of children. For this first stage I need US$3,000 which would be enough to build classrooms and begin to receive the children. Please help us in prayer so we get this money. Email this project to friends and church, if each of us donate the equivalent of a coca cola, we'll see this dream come true. Can you help us? We thank you for your love and commitment in helping us help those who need the most: the children of Mozambique.


Wanderley & Rosaria

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