segunda-feira, 3 de maio de 2010

Breakdown in Fibre-Optic Cable


On April 26, between Beira and Vilanculos, there was a breakdown in the fibre optic submarine cable of Telecommunications Company of Mozambique (TDM) and this has caused several problems in the communication network and services affecting, telephone lines and Internet in the seven provinces of central and northern regions of the country. In the centre and north of the country, banks weren't operating transactions, only deposits. Customers who wanted to pay their bills using credit cards and debit could not do it for lack of system. All services was virtually paralysed.

The breakdown of the fibre optic cable, which carries communications between the southern, central and northern Mozambique, is serious. The repair should take at least four weeks because the country does not have the technical means to fix. The undersea cable was cut, at an approximate distance of 110km from the coast of Vilanculos and at a depth of 35 metres. The repair of the cable depends on resources from abroad. 

At the moment we are without communication because of this matter, please help us in prayer so that this problem will be solved as soon as possible. 

God bless,

Wanderley & Rosaria

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